Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Print it out, take it to a gig. Shout "Bingo!" if you complete a run.

Stolen shamelessly from Paul Schreiber with a few additions.

• musician asks how crowd is doing
• musician thanks audience for coming
• musician asks audiences to name song, album or band
• musician tosses guitar picks or drumsticks into crowd
• musician toasts (with) audience
• musician tells audience to put their hands up/together/in the air
• mid-set stools out acoustic bit

• musician plugs merchandise
• musician plugs mailing list
• musician plugs web site
• musician plugs myspace

• musician mentions name of city
• musician mentions name of city, but gets it wrong
• musician mispronounces name of city
• musician uses wrong nickname for city ("frisco")
• musician asks if anyone is from _other city_
• musician says city is better than _other city_
• musician talks about previous visit to city
• and asks if anyone was there last time...
• details their day in _your city here_ and the crazy things they saw

the bar
• musician mentions name of bar
• musician mentions name of bar, but gets it wrong
• musician thanks sound guy
• musician thanks lighting guy
• musician thanks bartender

other bands
• musician says "I was here for the sound check and it sounded good"
• headliner mentions opener
• opener mentions headliner
• ...repeatedly
• musician mispronouces other performer’s name

the band
• band members have first names only
• musician forgets name of band member
• musician is too important to introduce the band at all


Me... said...

I think OBL has done all of the above

Deborah said...

(American) musician apologises for George Bush...

Mike said...

I also missed singer inserts (yourtown) into song. Sheryl Crow did it on Thursday and then Smashing Pumpkins did it on Friday. Clichetastic.

Kelly Ramos said...

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