Thursday, February 26, 2009

That's not my name...

And lo, victory was mine.

Stress Ball

Apparently I'm incredibly stressed about tonight's Ladyhawke/Ting Tings show. My subconscious decided to tell me exactly what it thought last night in a dream involving a broken camera and being snubbed by all the other photographers! I think it comes down to seeing all the old hands in the pit last night at Katy Perry (which I could have had a pass for) with thousands of pounds worth of glass.

It also comes down to the old 'under-prepared for an exam' type feeling, which makes sense, given that there's so many variables over which you have no control - from lighting to distance of the artist, how much they move about, etc... If I had more kit (faster lenses, primarily) then I'd be less worried. I've got the coverage, range wise (pretty much 17-250mm in my bag which should cover it) but only one really fast lense (the f/1.8 50mm prime) with the others being much slower, albeit image stabilised.

Watch this space for whether my subconscious was right, I gues...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing Ever Happens

So there are days when nothing much happens. And then there's today.

After three years of on-and-off looking for houses, we finally had an offer accepted on a four bedroom detached today. On at £55k below the initial asking price, and we managed to shave another £13k off that, making for £68k less than the initial ask. The downside is we won't be in until July as the family is emigrating to Canada, eh, but the upside is that we get some time to prepare.

Call from the photo agency this afternoon - got accreditation for Ting Tings and Ladyhawke on Thursday, and Kaiser Chiefs on Monday. Given that the Kaiser Chiefs is at the MEN Arena, and I started out at Club Academy less than a fortnight ago, that's the equivalent of going from the conference to the premier league without playing the intervening divisions.

Scary day all round, then.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shot By Both Sides

So, my life as mild mannered programmer by day, professional rock photographer by night has finally begun with a couple of trips to Manchester. Shot Ida Maria last week, and then Magazine last night.

Club Academy is a bit of a nightmare, with no pit you just get wedged in the crowd and have to make do with the position you're in. So I did the best I could with the 50mm f/1.8 but really didn't get much.

Last night at Magazine was a different story.

First band up was Ipso Facto, an all girl rock band who I really enjoyed. They don't seem to have anything out on CD over here, although Rough Trade seem to have an imported Japanese disc which I'll try and pick up after pay day. They look a bit like this.

Second up was Linder, who's responsible for Magazine's artwork. A bit more arty and not really my scene, but I'm happy with how the shots turned out.

I can't really post any of the shots of Magazine, seeing as I give exclusive use to the agency, so the best shots can't be here (although if you're a friend on Flickr you can see them) but here's one anyway...

More photos at Flickr

I'm hopeful that I'll get to shoot at the Ting Tings next week, perhaps Imelda May. I've put in a long list of accrediation requests and I'll take what I can get. Not expecting to make any money at first, but the experience is invaluable. Look forward to a far more excited post should I ever get anything published!