Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Make It Go Away

This is disturbingly accurate. I hate George Lamb with every fibre of my being.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Right Side of Wrong

Well, despite my earlier condemnation of LiveNation as the kind of force for evil that might one day destroy the very fabric of the music industry, I'd like to take a moment to give credit where it's due.

Last Friday, in the pursuit of classic rock (what do you mean, embarassing hair metal?) we headed to the MEN Arena to see Whitesnake and Def Leppard, something that was meant to be a bit of light relief after a couple of weeks of our respective mothers being ill.

Unfortunately, all we saw all night was a speaker stack with a light on it, which the production had thoughtfully placed in our line of sight. MEN Customer services couldn't move us beause it was sold out, so with little expectation, I emailed LiveNation - as promoter.

I got a reply less than a day later, offering tickets of equal value to any of their future shows - much as I'm tempted to make it 5 shows out of 6 for the Kylie run at the Arena, I think I'd better look at something else.

While I'm giving plaudits for customer service, another 'above and beyond' for Ted Baker. Gemma had seen a dress in a magazine a few months ago, and I was considering buying it for her, but a ) Being male and b) Having slept since then, I couldn't describe it to you if my life depended on it. By telling her how much and when the article was published, we eventually deduced the correct item. Good work, Carrie in customer services!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wall

This full time result just in:
Gravity 1 Idiot 0

Monster Love

Is this review of the new Hulk movie the year's finest film review? I think it might be.

"Roth groin area ambiguous. Groin area look lumpy. Bumpy. Perhaps odd penis. Perhaps odd trousers. Critic ... not sure."

Thursday, June 12, 2008

She Bop

I am unreasonably excited at the idea that Cyndi Lauper is finally touring the UK. When did she visit last? 1996?

Bumble Bee

"A shocked reveller dressed as a bumble bee gave birth during a friend's hen party without previously knowing she was pregnant.

Ally Ashwell, from Newcastle, was partying in Blackpool when she realised something was wrong."

Where do we start with what was wrong?

- She was on a hen party in Blackpool
- She was dressed as a fucking bumble bee

Need I go on?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Geek Love

The 3G iPhone is disgustingly nice. Everything from the GPS to the App Store to the 3G. It means leaving T-Mobile after 10 years, and getting tied to O2 for 18 months, but actually the contract is £7 less than my current one per month, and the phone's going to cost me maybe £200 for the 16Gb. Can't really argue with that.

Out the same day I'm going to see Kylie. I think that might be a dictionary definition "good day" :)

I Predict A Riot

With crashing inevitability, I got a ticket to see Blondie at the Liverpool Pops this July. I hate the Liverpool Pops with a firey passion. Why? Because they insist on a huge gold circle, and sell premium packages for the good seats.

Every year, the same rigmorole. Tickets go on sale - you get offered bad seats - you wait until mid-June, they decide how many people they can rip off for the premium packages, then put a load of the good seats on sale at normal prices.

So likely I'll be sat on the front row (yes, I got a front row ticket for face value, no package) next to some muppet who paid upwards of £100 for the same view. When will this ridiculous package system stop?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Are You Ready?

Thea Gilmore last night - actually a bit of an odd and uneven set in terms of content. A couple of covers, at least one unreleased track, and a new band member called Fluff. Also a sparser audience than usual, and one with a couple of talkers. Bah.

Lighting was a bit awkward, but the audio on the two songs below is pretty great.

Set List:

Old Soul
Seen It All Before
Dance In New York
You Spin Me Round
God's Got Nothing On You (new)
Sisters Of Mercy (Leonard Cohen)
Saviours & All
If You Miss Me
Black Letter
Call Me Your Darling
This Girl Is Taking Best
Are You Read
December In New York
When I Get Back To Shore
The Lower Road

You Spin Me...

Are You Ready...

Friday, June 6, 2008


Myself and Ms Niftyshellsuit at work have long since hatched a plan to go halves and buy one of Cybercandy's out of date mystery parcels of strange confectionary in order to bewilder our colleagues and possibly earn ourselves a few days off work with candy poisoning.

So you'll imagine my surprise, when this lot turned up at my door this afternoon.

Going to have to put a few more quid in her leaving collection now!