Sunday, March 2, 2008

Secrets and Lies

I'm considering taking a more anarchic approach to the internet in general, and particularly Web 2.0. Surely this is something we can have more fun with. We don't have to tell the truth in our Facebook status, and better yet, you can really mess with people who you don't actually see very often in real life. So if you say "... is going to Brazil for three months" ..."is in a Helicopter" they have no reason to doubt you...

Similarly, for those who you DO see a lot, particularly work colleagues, I'd go for something like changing your status late at night to "... is in Bournemouth" if you work in Manchester then turning up on time the following morning and remarking on just how tired you are. Just to see if anyone asks.

And why should we tag our Flickr photos truthfully for the indexing? Let's tag everything as "Fluffy Kitten" (that goes for ALT tags on web pages - I know it's not really cricket for people with screen readers, but they'll end up thinking the internet's a nicer place than it actually is, so everyone wins, no?) or just tag them as something at random. Conversely, all pictures of your cat should be tagged with historical figures. It'll give someone using Google Images something to think about when they search for picture of Brezhnev and get a picture of your cat.

I'll get us started, shall I?

Josef Stalin

I think I really ought to go to bed now, no?

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