Saturday, May 10, 2008

Girls On Film

I noted a few months ago to someone that the history of early twenty first century music will likely be documented for the most part in video taken on mobile phone / digital cameras.

This theory seems to be borne out by today's experience. I went to upload footage of a new Gemma Hayes song (Oliver) to YouTube, only to find that two other people had already done so - from the same show. Now, keeping in mind that this was a show that had a capacity of 300 and wasn't full - let's say 200, and I know that Riccardo filmed it too given that he posted it on his blog, can we assume that 2% of the audience at a gig are filming any given song?

Anyway, I was undeterred (my audio and video quality are, I think, better than the others on YouTube) and uploaded so here it is anyway.

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