Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Right Side of Wrong

Well, despite my earlier condemnation of LiveNation as the kind of force for evil that might one day destroy the very fabric of the music industry, I'd like to take a moment to give credit where it's due.

Last Friday, in the pursuit of classic rock (what do you mean, embarassing hair metal?) we headed to the MEN Arena to see Whitesnake and Def Leppard, something that was meant to be a bit of light relief after a couple of weeks of our respective mothers being ill.

Unfortunately, all we saw all night was a speaker stack with a light on it, which the production had thoughtfully placed in our line of sight. MEN Customer services couldn't move us beause it was sold out, so with little expectation, I emailed LiveNation - as promoter.

I got a reply less than a day later, offering tickets of equal value to any of their future shows - much as I'm tempted to make it 5 shows out of 6 for the Kylie run at the Arena, I think I'd better look at something else.

While I'm giving plaudits for customer service, another 'above and beyond' for Ted Baker. Gemma had seen a dress in a magazine a few months ago, and I was considering buying it for her, but a ) Being male and b) Having slept since then, I couldn't describe it to you if my life depended on it. By telling her how much and when the article was published, we eventually deduced the correct item. Good work, Carrie in customer services!


Deborah said...

aw... nice! Could you describe it now, though? :)

Mike said...

No, but I don't need to, as I have an email with the name on it. :)