Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stress Ball

Apparently I'm incredibly stressed about tonight's Ladyhawke/Ting Tings show. My subconscious decided to tell me exactly what it thought last night in a dream involving a broken camera and being snubbed by all the other photographers! I think it comes down to seeing all the old hands in the pit last night at Katy Perry (which I could have had a pass for) with thousands of pounds worth of glass.

It also comes down to the old 'under-prepared for an exam' type feeling, which makes sense, given that there's so many variables over which you have no control - from lighting to distance of the artist, how much they move about, etc... If I had more kit (faster lenses, primarily) then I'd be less worried. I've got the coverage, range wise (pretty much 17-250mm in my bag which should cover it) but only one really fast lense (the f/1.8 50mm prime) with the others being much slower, albeit image stabilised.

Watch this space for whether my subconscious was right, I gues...

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