Saturday, May 22, 2010

You'll Never Get To Heaven

Normally, the photos I put up here are ones I at least quite like, so this is an odd offering, but really it's here just to illustrate a point, that some venues are becoming almost a no-go zone for photographers, and Manchester Academy 2 is currently absolutely top of the list.

They're attracting a reasonable calibre of artists, and then making it impossible for the paying audience to see them by washing them out in blues and reds, and indeed not even having house lights before bands come on - one day there could easily be a stabbing in there and nobody will be any the wiser, because I'm pretty sure the security can't see any more in the murk of the crowd.

I'm not convinced that anyone wants these blue and red gels the whole damn show. The artist? The crowd? The 'togs? Their PRs? Anyone? Speak up if anyone is reading this and thinks "That's *just* what we need".

It's one of many things that currently makes me want to give up on this whole thing. The hours, the stupid contracts, the increasing presence of paps in the pit for anyone halfway famous.

So here's Diana Vickers from Wednesday night. Another evening wasted at Academy 2.

Diana Vickers

Not much booked in for next week - possibly Natalie Merchant on Monday to go alongside a live review, Mark Knopfler looking likely for Tuesday, and then a question mark over Crowded House on Weds or Thurs. Might try and get across to Liverpool for the Sugarhill Gang Thursday.

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