Saturday, July 23, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Over the next few weeks (if I get the work) I'll be blogging about moving over to a Macbook Air for my on the go photo editing at festivals. Having received the thing, I felt I needed three things

- A photo browser
- Photoshop
- IPTC Editor
- FTP Client

No problem getting a 30 Day trial of Photoshop from Adobe, Filezilla exists on the Mac, so that's my FTP client sorted, I'll find a find photo browser - but finding a freeware IPTC editor was a nightmare. The best suggestion I could initially find was using a script with Automator, but I couldn't get to the bottom of adding the script to the finder, or basically just working out how to pass the script a file to modify.

In the end, I found XNView which does batch IPTC editing, supports the fields I need, and helpfully allows you to save templates, so I was able to take one of my PC files that was properly captioned, identify the fields, and make a template. Hopefully this will save some other poor sod from spending all night hunting for one.

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emily ava said...

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