Sunday, February 19, 2012


Behind again on the updates... a few shooting notes where relevant.

Olly Murs - Manchester Arena
Good fun to shoot - at the back for first song, but then uses the ramp at the front, with great light.
Olly Murs at Manchester Arena

Kerrang Tour - Manchester Academy
No light on stage, but flash allowed, making for something of a tricky shoot with bands running around all over the stage. Here's a quick shot of New Found Glory.
New Found Glory at Manchester Academy

Dream Theater - Manchester Apollo
Seated show at the Apollo means a side-on shooting position. Not ideal for these energetic prog-rockers.
Dream Theater at Manchester Apollo

Diana Vickers - Ruby Lounge
Hopes that the Ruby Lounge might have had a whip round for some better lights were dashed when Diana arrived on stage, bathed in the usual reds and blues.
Diana Vickers at the Ruby Lounge

Black Keys - Manchester Apollo
I enjoyed this one. Tricky lighting, lots of reds and a harsh light on the right side of the guitarist's face.
Black Keys at Manchester Apollo

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