Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pictures Of You

I've been offered a contract as a freelance photographer for one of the large London agencies. I should send more random emails on Sunday night. I'm going to meet with them while I'm down in London. They've also offered to help get me accrediation for shows... I think that might require an investment in equipment, somehow...


Deborah said...

OMG! That's amazing!

Which photos did you send them?!

Very exciting news!

Mike said...

One of Kylie, the James mirrorball photo, one of KT Tunstall and another I forget.

Plans slightly changed as they can't take my current photos as stock as they were shot without accreditation, so I need to buy SLR kit and then ask for them to get accreditation for me to go shoot.

So it'll be medium term before I can start because I can't afford the gear. :-(