Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing At All

Two weeks into the new year and I've fundamentally done nothing. I still feel wretched (four weeks and counting, I think I may have set some kind of world phlegm record and am contemplating donating my body to medical science) and there have been no gigs to tempt me out of hiding.

Toying with the idea of going to Alaska, but not unless I can get a handle on why on earth I actually want to go. Gemma seems keen on the whole huskie sled thing which is all well and good, but it's not really a reason to travel half way across the globe. Conversely, I've been looking at going to Europe (apart from our already scheduled trip to Paris in Feb) and can't muster any enthusiasm for the idea at all, even though I can find good deals, and I've never been to Cannes, Barcelona, Pisa, Florence or any number of places on the itinteraries. I'll probably just say "sod it" and go to Miami for ten days and lie by a pool.

Saw Slumdog Millionaire last night, which was a generally pleasant, feelgood affair despite a cinema with broken down heating. Oscar season is the best time to have an unlimited cinema card, what with Frost Nixon, Revolutionary Road, Benjamin Button, The Wrestler and My Bloody Valentine 3D all coming up the next few weeks. (One of those was a ringer, folks, but which one?)

Been trying out the beta of Windows 7, which seems to just be Vista with a new taskbar and less UAC. It seems a bit lighter on the ground than Vista, but it's hardly the kind of step forward than a version release of an OS should be, feels more like a service pack.

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