Saturday, July 18, 2009

Know Your Rights

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Jane's Addiction want copyright on photos.

While I'm at it, would you like to help yourself to the contents of my bank account, maybe listen to some of my CDs? Grab something from the fridge?

I do like the "throughout the universe" line, though. Maybe they're hoping it's still 1990 on Venus or something.

I should emphasise that I've no problem with not being allowed to shoot, or not being important enough to get a pass. But I hate the idea of being ambushed by a contract on the night, especially something like this.


mikehughesphoto said...

I don't like them anyway. So how would that apply to someone who had, err, a contract with an agency? It's a bit silly

Mike said...

Well, it might go to the agency, making it their problem, and I have heard of them refusing a pass for a mancunian miserabilist who shall remain nameless for that very reason.

Or you'd be signing on their behalf.

Whatever, I shan't be signing such a thing. Just not worth the potentially attendant hassle.