Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Take To The Sky

I think Sunday was the first time I've ever shot anyone I'm a huge fan of. Unusual in that we got put in the balcony for one song! But you make do with what you're given, and at least we got in.

In terms of the actual show, though, it's the best I've seen her do in a decade. I've no problem with admitting that I've found the last two tours to be pretty dreary, so I was surprised to find her so revitalised. I think it helped that she dug deeper into the catalogue than she had in a while - between the two nights I saw, we got Playboy Mommy, Pandora's Aquarium, Siren, Carbon, Caught A Lite Sneeze and Cloud On My Tongue, amongst others. Even Precious Things sounds revitalised. For the first time in a couple of tours, I've come away wishing I was going to more shows. That can only be a good thing.

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Deborah said...

hahahaha wow i hated the shows I saw!! (apart from precious things, siren and icicle)