Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nancy Boy

I've always been quite a fan of Placebo, and I've seen them live a few times. My general feeling is that they blow hot and cold, which makes it a shame that I was reviewing them tonight - one of their cold nights, it must be said. They hadn't done much by way of ticket sales (£5 from a tout was the best offer for my spare - and when I saw the half full venue, I understood why) and their insistence on playing a hit-light set to a big venue really disappointed me.

Essentially - look at what the crowd did when you played Every You, Every Me. Look at what the crowd did when you played three off the new one in quick succesion? Get it? In the words of the poets, "Do some old".

And no Nik Kershaw cover this time? Boo.




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Deborah said...

interesting... personally, I have never seen them do a bad show, and they would easily be in my top 5 live acts. ah, brian...