Thursday, December 10, 2009

(There's Gonna Be A) Showdown

New York Dolls last night at Liverpool Academy. I enjoyed what little I saw of them, although I had a bit on unpleasant encounter with an audience member. Conversation ran thusly "Don't block our photos". "OK, we'll be gone after three songs anyway". "We've paid, don't block us, or we'll get you after".

New York Dolls

New York Dolls

Honourable mention for the support act, Urban Voodoo Machine. While I might not run out to see them, they were a good, high energy opener and great fun to shoot. And their drummer was dressed as a zombie. Frankly, what's not to like?

Urban Voodoo Machine

Urban Voodoo Machine


mikehughesphoto said...

were you intimidated by the photo un-blockers?
I've had it twice in the audience recently, which is a laugh when half the crowd have got their blackberries and iphones held up to, err, capture the moment.

Mike said...

Honestly, not really. There were a few of us in the pit, and he obviously wasn't going to actually chase me outside after my three songs. Just some guy mouthing off with no understanding of why I was there ("You're on the payroll, I paid to come").

I just do my job and let them get on with it. If it's someone who nicely says "can you try not to stand in front of me too much", of course that's different and I do my best.

Worst was Green Day where it was static positions and I was stood in front of a girl, and could only apologise.