Wednesday, April 2, 2008


So, the new B-52's track on the Word CD is pretty good, and I've lined up a signed copy of the album from Newbury Comics, so when the news reached me that they were playing Manchester Academy, I thought I might pop along. Until I saw the price tag, that is - £26 + fees.

I will be very surprised indeed if they manage to sell it out.

Conversely, Feeder are playing and it's £15. Both of those gigs for me would be marginal as to whether I'd bother going. At £15, I'll take a punt. Once you're over the £25 barrier, I'm out.

It feels like gigs are getting more and more expensive at all levels, and not for any fundamentally good reason. I suspect (and might well be wrong) that the upshot will be more and more two-thirds full mid size gigs... did the music industry not get the memo that a recession is on the cards?

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