Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's Spanish for "You robbing bastards"?

Wow, that photo looks familiar. I've emailed their managing director. Let's see what happens.


Me... said...

I think you'll find that you are going to be, in techinical terms "shit outta luck"

I'm not sure what the legal standing is but, you may find posting a pic on Flikr is effectively the same as making it public domain - and they have both credited you and provided a link.

Mike said...

Entirely wrong sir, the photo clearly states "All Rights Reserved" - putting it on Flickr does not make it free.

Deborah said...

ooh! what a great picture though!

and forgive my ignorance, but how come it is the wrong way round on their site from your flickr?

at least they credited you for it!

Mike said...

Oh, they've just inverted it and hosted it locally. The swine.