Monday, April 7, 2008


I devote an unnecessarily large amount of this blog to complaining, so it's somewhat surprising to say that I found my fellow gig goer today to be a complete delight.

Early this morning I picked up a wristband for the James in-store session at HMV in Manchester, and was told not to be late, as they'd be "on stage at 12:30".

Suffice it to say that we were still stood outside in the freezing cold at 12:55 and my hopes of seeing the set, much less getting the album signed in my lunch hour were pretty much nil. When we finally did get down to the room where the set was to take place, it was after one, and I decided to give up.

Step forward the couple in front of me in the queue (her at least six months pregnant) - "We'll get your album signed for you, it's no problem."

And come three o'clock, I met them in the Coffee Republic near work, and they passed me a fully signed copy of the album, complete with the comments "missed you" and "here now" from the band.

Signed James album

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Deborah said...

that is SO nice of them! it only takes one thing like that to completely restore your faith for ages I find!

and the comments from the band are cute :)