Monday, July 7, 2008

My Mistake

Following on from my previous post about The Ted Baker Dress (tm), I finally ordered it today, having found it in their sale, only to find out I'd ordered it a size too small.

This is evidently a huge mistake. It looks like I'm insulting her (without meaning to) and as there are none of the next size up available anywhere in the country, it's this or nothing. Bugger.

How to go from nice gesture to fuck up in one easy step!

While we're on the subject of fuck ups, let's talk about O2 and the iPhone launch.

It's now been just five hours (!) since I started trying to order one. I finally managed to get an 8Gb unit, even thought I wanted a 16Gb - their systems got utterly screwed over by what was effectively a thorough DDOS attack. Ah well, I suppose it's cost me less, and I'll just not be retiring the iPod. Seeing as my N95 has committed suicide in protest, the sooner the better.

To add insult to injury O2 didn't just accept my application, but referred it for a credit check. A quick check of Experian shows my accounts to be exactly as I imagine them and perfectly in order. So we shall see what happens. If they don't want my custom, I guess it'll be a HTC Diamond and then an unlocked PAYG iPhone come December...

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Deborah said...

Argh! Actually, you do have a get out clause in that Ted Baker sizing bears no relation to normal sizing - so you can't buy a size 10 or 12, it's all 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - and I can never remember which one I am... very dumb. So I would understand the confusion and not be insulted.

You could check ebay for the dress in the right size?