Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One Down

Just back from another missed gig, thanks to my fantastic new car. Thank you, Volkswagen, thank you RAC and thank you, A1 for getting me home in just FIVE HOURS, quite a feat for a 20 mile distance.

On Friday, while awaiting the Bangles gig in Sheffield (I know, I know) the power steering went. This was theoretically fixed by the RAC on Saturday. Obviously it wasn't - and it went again while in Liverpool, having also wasted a half day holiday. I was the first person there, of course, would have been right at the front.

VW would like me to put a £150 deposit on the hire car (oh yes, I have that in my pocket, here you go) and I'm by no means confident that they're going to sort this out.

Happy? Not much.

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